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When developing a website, the project team should consider the site’s conversion, user experience and traffic sources from a mobile device during the initial concepting (if internal) or proposal (if external) phase

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Data and motivation don’t always connect when executing on a strategic plan, but audience segmentation can provide clients with information on consumer insights and motivations, allowing the agency to confidentially present effective solutions and opportunities.


How Not to Piss Off A CTO

Keeping the IT team out of the process might get you the sale, but you are likely to fail in maximizing the benefits to your company and, more importantly, the customers. By collaborating with the IT team in the initial phases, team members can identify problems (and solutions) before promises are made by the agency and the execution of the project can be a smooth process.


Variable Compensation: When is it Right and for Whom?

There are certain stigmas to overcome when it concerns someone’s salary in an agency environment. Let’s face it: We’ve not given anyone any reason not to be cynical about an “incentive-based compensation” package.


Agency Etiquette: Tips for Working with Third Party Vendors

As digital ad spending continues to climb, a growing number of agencies are working feverishly to build their digital capacity. For many smaller shops, growing internal capacity simply isn’t feasible — or at least not economical.

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Be Uncomfortable: Avoid Assumptions. Understand People.

Think of an audience segment with whom you’ve recently worked. Do you really understand them? Or do you, like most marketers, review outdated research, think back to when you were that age/part of that group and make assumptions?

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